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 In the summer of 2012, we presented what is the largest mobile Ferris wheel in Europe.
 It is larger than any other expectation.

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Amusement Rides, construction and repair

The BMM team (previously THC) with more than eighty years experience in the mechanical and machinery construction sectors, for over thirty years it has been linked to the design and manufacturing of both fixed and travelling rides, mainly highlighting large devices and high dynamic demands.

lonstrucción de maquinaria, lleva desde hace treinta años vinculada al diseño y fabricación de atracciones de feria, tanto fijas como itinerantes, destacando en particular con aparatos de grandes dimensiones y elevadas exigencias dinámicas.

The many years of experience and projects developed guarantee us as a prestigious company in technical solutions to maintenance and fatigue problems typical of travelling rides.

 The continuously more demanding European standards for the safety of machines obliges us to revise design concepts and work methods that until now were taken for granted. At BMM, we have made tremendous efforts
to incorporate these standards into our production line.            

In the summer of 2012, we presented what is the largest mobile Ferris wheel in Europe. It is larger than any
other expectation.


This attraction marks a great success in the construction of rides devices that has also become a reference in
the national sector: Fixed and travelling MOONRAKER, BADEN, CLOUDS, and TAGADAS of up to 8 meters. GRASSHOPPERS, TOP LOOP… As well as improvements and repairs of any ride whenever this is requested.           

We want to transmit to all industrialists of the fairground attractions and amusement parks sector of our availability to collaborate in the development of ideas you may have and in the optimum maintenance of your attractions. We participate in both large and small projects. It is always a great pleasure to help you develop your business activity.

Therefore, if you do have a project, an idea, a modification or new decoration you wish to carry out please contact us by completing the contact form and we will make your project a reality. You can also call us by telephone or visit our installations.



  • Construction of new rides

  • Decoration projects of rides

  • Manufacturing certifications for presentation to Town Halls

  • Adaptations to the ITV requirements

  • Operational revisions

  • Urgent repairs during the season at the fair site

  • Adaptations to meet passenger safety standards


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See our Ride Star
"The Grasshopper"













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