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Amusement rides



Buñol Montajes Mecánicos

Areas of activity




Amusement rides
Industry and construction



Company dedicated to the construction and repair of industrial machinery, amusement parks and amusement rides devices. Machining section and our own technical design office. Present on the domestic and international markets since 1925 .





































We work in industrial and constructions sectors

At BMM, Buñol Montajes Mecánicos SL we assign part of our resources to maintenance and servicing tasks for general industry.
Our intervention in reforming machinery is particularly interesting as it allows implementing updated processes and organising productivity.

We have been developing our industrial activity initially attending to the needs around us in the paper manufacturing sector, and expending our scope of operations to the emerging construction sector in its different areas: concrete prefabricated elements, pre-stressed elements and gypsum.

In this area, we have collaborated with multinational companies like CEMEX, BPB, and Saint-Gobain Placo Ibérica… Likewise, we have collaborated with the companies that have carried out large public works in our area: z Hydroelectric pumping station at Cortes de Pallas and El Oro, Madrid-Valencia Autovia, and the Madrid-Valencia AVE. 

Our contribution has included developing machines on the production line, metallic moulds and formwork, field technicians for homologated welding, obtaining spare parts for the maintenance department, hydraulic system workshop, repairs of mobile machinery with our machining area that has CNC mills, planes, lathes and drills, technical and calculus office for the operations that require support and technological development for their resolution. Our vehicle fleet has been available for the urgent tasks that arise in this type to transport materials and processed elements, as well as teams of mechanics, tolls and mobile generators.


Food Sector

 Maintenance, repair and construction
of stainless steel installations for the
 food industry.

Building Sector


Maintenance and repair, in quarries, cement
 works, manufacturing of plaster and gypsum,
prefabricated cement elements, production of gypsum panels, etc.


Metalwork Sector

Construction of metal structures, revolving
and fixed platforms for photovoltaic solar
 energy panels, etc.

Paper Sector

 Construction and repair of all types of machinery, both for the manipulation and production or manufacturing of the same.



We manufacture and repair amusement rides

Amusemnet parks

We have built the largest transportable
Ferris wheel in Europe. Its size exceeds any expectation created. We also do upgrades
and repairs at any amusement ride

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Amusemnet rides

Construction of amusement rides, of
reference in the domestic sector:
MOONRAKER, fixed and transportable
CLOUDS, TAGADA 8 meters.

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